Scentiment Professional Air Freshening by Aerosol Dispenser System

Professional scenting for your car or home – the service you will fall in love with! 

Scentiment – Perfect product! The innovative technologies we work with give us the opportunity to provide you with completely harmless and environmentally friendly fragrance – because it matters what you breathe!

 What does the car or home Professional Scenting service mean? The Professional Scenting service is very interesting and affordable. It can be done both in the car and in the home, offices, buses, hairdressers, yachts, spas and any other room or properties with an area up to 170 cubic meters. Professional Scenting is a monthly service. Subscribers who use it pay their subscription fee, like as pay and use other subscription services, such as telephone, internet or television. 

What we offer you: N&R offers the Professional Scenting service to its customers. We can offer you a truly uncompromising service in Malvern and Worcestershire. 

How the Professional Scenting system works: 

Professional Scenting of cars or premises is performed with a professional aerosol dispenser and a system that can be fully programmed according to your requirements. The system works with 1.5v alkaline batteries. 

What do you get? 

  • Free rental of the professional dispenser during the subscription service
  • Free installation , the subscription is renewed every month at the request of the client ( non commitment contract )
  • Monthly maintenance and servicing of the Professional Scenting system
  • Replacing the aerosol bottle 
  • Replacing batteries 
  • Cleaning the device 
  • Programming by your requirements

 Price for the service: £15 for 1 dispenser for 1 calendar month.

 Scentiment Professional scenting system is also available for purchase without subscription.

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