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Leather Protection Lotion

LEATHER PROTECTION LOTION is a water-based product that improves the condition of both old and new leather products. Protects, hydrates, and restores the natural leather’s scent and suppleness.

Leather is continually affected by filth, grease, and human perspiration when used on a daily basis. These elements cause the cloth to discolour, crack, and peel over time. These lesions appear as dark marks on the furniture where the hands and head are put, on the steering wheels of cars, and on the collars of clothing.

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Leather Cleaner

LEATHER CLEANER is a specialised leather upholstery cleaner that provides deep and long-lasting cleaning. Removes all organic dirt types.

The leather cleaner from Avtorenovacia is ideal for cleaning very soiled leather upholstery, automobile seats, steering wheels, and leather sofas.

Excellent for use on both natural and synthetic leather. Leather cleanser comes as a concentration that can be diluted up to 1:10. Suitable for approximately three treatments of a car’s whole interior.

Leather Cleaner is a dependable, water-based product that softly and effectively cleans the area without harming or degrading the look and feel of real leather while preserving its natural colour.

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